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Using The Vacation Pay Calculator

This vacation pay calculator is designed to calculate minimum vacation pay entitlements for employees subject to federal labour standards legislation in a standard employment situation. If you are covered by a collective agreement you should contact your union representative.

If your situation falls into any of the following categories, you should check our publications or contact us for more information:

Using this tool does not create a Labour Standards Complaint nor will it start an investigation by Employment and Social Development Canada – Labour Program. A complaint must be filed with the Labour Program within six months from the last day on which the employer was required to pay vacation pay. Should you determine wages are owed, if possible, approach your employer to try to resolve the issue.

To use this vacation pay calculator you should have copies of your detailed pay stubs and/or wages earned. The more accurately you enter information, the more accurate your calculation will be. If incorrect information is used, this tool will produce incorrect results. This tool does not provide specific advice or recommendations. There may be other factors that affect the outcome. An investigation by the Labour Program could produce a different result.

The Labour Program may only attempt recovery of vacation pay owed to an employee for the period starting 24 months before the day on which a complaint is made or, if there is a termination of employment prior to the complaint being made, 24 months before the date the employment ended.

Are you still employed with this employer?

Answer yes if you still work for this employer, answer no if your employment was ended, either by you or by your employer.

If you answer yes, you will be provided with more information regarding the effects of a sale or transfer of ownership on vacation pay and given the option to continue with the calculations, if you wish.

If you choose 'Yes', you will continue with the calculations. If you choose 'No', you will be returned to the home page.

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